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The Band Perry - Oct 8

The Band Perry

Saturday, Oct 8 – 7:30pm

Merging country, pop, and rock elements into a sharp contemporary sound, the Band Perry is comprised of siblings Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry Their debut album was one of the biggest country hits of 2010, with singles “If I Die Young” and “All Your Life,” plus the Top Ten single “You Lie”
They went on to win a Grammy in 2015 for Best Country Duo/Group Performance

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Lynyrd Skynyrd

Saturday, Oct 15 – 7:30pm

The quintessential Southern rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd rose to prominence in 1973, full of regional pride and stressing cocky, boisterous hard rock as opposed to the Allman Brothers’ more open-ended blues. Their signature song, “Freebird,” complete with it’s fiery five-minute, three-guitar solo, is easily the most requested live song in existence.
In 2006 the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Free Concerts at the New Georgia National Stage

{Located Near South Gate}

Presented by:wden_july2015

Thurs, October 6th

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Mon, October 10th

Tues, October 11th


Weds, October 12th

Thurs, October 13th

Free Concerts at the Tower Stage

{Located South of Clock Tower in front of Reaves Arena}

Presented By:windstream_250

LiveExchange250The Live Exchange Party Band
(October 14-16)

new2016-77The Live Exchange Party Band, creates the ultimate entertainment experience. This seven-piece band consists of two top notch vocalists, a groovy rhythm section, and a smooth saxophonist. Their young and stylish performance gets the audience movin’ and groovin’ all night. This super group guarantees a great time with their irresistible interactive party music, electrifying audiences as they play songs from yesteryear to today’s current hits.

Location: Tower Stage – presented by Windstream

smithfield250Smithfield (October 7-9)

new2016-77Country duos are a unique breed in the music industry. Two voices have to blend perfectly together, and that combination is often hard to find, even in two great singers. Comprised of vocalists Trey and Jennifer, SmithField took the stage by storm with their memorable music and stunning harmonies. Having grown up together, their on-stage chemistry is undeniably genuine and natural. Mixing the heavily rock influenced background of Trey and the classical country tendency of Jennifer, SmithField creates a contemporary country sound that’s different and compelling.

Location: Tower Stage – presented by Windstream

postMonroe250Post Monroe
(October 14-16)

new2016-77Post Monroe is a country trio that blends three authentic female voices and personalities. Comprised of Whitney Duncan, Ashlee Hewitt and Shelby McLeod, the group is influenced by a vast array of sounds from classic country to rock ‘n roll to bluegrass. The result is pure country music, cemented by their commitment to songwriting as a group and individuals.

More Info:

Location: Tower Stage – presented by Windstream

GreatWhite250Great White Lion Snake (October 14-16)

new2016-77We all know that the “Decade of Decadence” was the ’80s. It was a time when the Sunset Strip ruled the world, and there was still attitude and danger in rock music. If you miss those days, or even missed OUT on those days, then look no further! This show is the real deal: The hair, the make-up, the leather, the Spandex, and all the moves and attitudes of the era. This is ’80s Hair-Rock the way it is supposed to be done. Covering bands like Poison, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, and Bon Jovi (just to name a few), there isn’t an 80’s Rock Anthem or Power Ballad that these guys don’t have covered!

Location: Tower Stage – presented by Windstream

BreakfastClub250The Breakfast Club
(October 7-9)

new2016-77The Breakfast Club is the longest running, most recognized ’80’s tribute band in the United States.  This is NOT some wig wearing, mall fashion version of an ‘80’s cover band, lip syncing to tracks while pretending to play an unplugged guitar.  This is real hair, real 1980s clothes, real vocals, and real musical talent. The Breakfast Club is the real deal, performing live ‘80’s pop “better than the original artists!”

Location: Tower Stage – presented by Windstream

LeonJacobs2016_250Leon Jacobs

popdemandLeon Jacobs is a wonder on the keyboard!  He combines his musical skills with a great vocal ability to provide a remarkable and entertaining presentation! His act is supplemented with a computer assisted arrangement that makes his one-man show sound like an entire band!

Location: Tower Stage – presented by Windstream

Kazual_250Kazual (Oct 7-9)

If a barbershop quartet comes to mind when you think of acapella music, THINK AGAIN! Kazual (pronounced ‘casual’) is one of the hottest and freshest Acapella Troupes to hit the market! Using only their vocal instruments, Kazual’s sound is smooth, rich and refined. Blending beats with ballads, these guys bring an audience to their feet. With crowd-pleasing covers and original arrangements, Kazual is serious entertainment for everyone!

More Info:
Location: The Tower Stage –  in front of Reaves Arena
Show Times: Oct 14-16 –5:00 pm, 9:00 pm
Presented by:  Windstream_175

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