Rail Jam! Wakeboard Show

newWhat do you get when you take 2 pools with over 50 thousand gallons of water, separate them with some gnarly rails, add a winch, and bring in some of the world’s best wakeboard riders? You get a rail jam! Georgia National Fair style! The overly-creative minds of some of wakeboarding’s cutting-edge thrill seekers combined with a little old fashioned ingenuity have created a set up that pushes beyond the boundaries in the sport of wakeboarding. By utilizing a high-speed, gas-powered winch, riders are given the ability to take their sport “to the streets” with the use of portable pools, separated by rails and sliders, and pulled by the winch. You will get an up close and in your face experience that is as exciting for the riders as it is for spectators. Now, instead of watching the riders from 100 yards away on the shore, spectators can be just a few feet away from the action! www.stepupproductions.com


adminRail Jam! Wakeboard Show

The Tams

newWhen you hear The Tams, you might think you just stepped into Motown! Their hits, “What Kind of Fool,” and “Be Young, Be Foolish,” helped the Tams to receive the title of “Beach Band of the Decade”! They have also been inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and the Beach Music Hall of Fame. When The Tams take the stage, you can’t help but smell a tropical breeze, and to let the rhythm grasp your body and whirl it into motion!www.thetams.com

Jeff Smith Chevrolet/WDEN Stage (October 9-12)

adminThe Tams

Lucas Hoge

Presented By: CBT_BnkofMiddleGA
newLucas Hoge is a Nashville recording artist and award winning singer/songwriter.  Known as the Country Singer saving dogs on the hit series “Last Chance Highway” on Animal Planet, Lucas has also had songs feature on CMT, and the WB’s hit show “Smallville.” Lucas’s soul-stirring voice and haunting lyrics will give you an insight into his life as you enjoy a fun filled show of original, old-fashioned, honky-tonkin’ country music! www.lucashoge.com

CB&T Stage (October 3-6)

adminLucas Hoge

The Rubber Chicken Show – Starring Greg Frisbee

greg-frisbee-thumbnailnewSee and feel the excitement as you watch an incredible display of fire juggling… with the juggler’s hands actually ON FIRE! You’ll be astonished as you watch a straitjacket escape… upside down! You’ll laugh as a rubber chicken somehow gets shot out of a cannon. Is this all hard to imagine? Well, it’s even harder to forget!  www.frisbeeshow.com All American Stage (October 2-7)

adminThe Rubber Chicken Show – Starring Greg Frisbee

The Showboat Marionettes

Showboat-ThumbnewTake a step back in time to the banks of Mark Twain’s Mississippi River. The Showboat Marionettes Puppet Spectacular performs from the deck of their own Mississippi River Showboat stage. The show is colorful and comic and features a tour-de-force of puppetry, ventriloquism, stringed marionettes, and other puppet forms that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of both young and old.  www.mitchellmarionettes.com

Near North Gate

adminThe Showboat Marionettes

Phat Katz Brass Band

Presented by:jeff-smith-mitsubishi
newPhat Katz Brass Band is a 5 piece Atlanta-based band that loves to have fun, performing a wide spectrum of music from traditional jazz, to marching band style, to today’s hits.  Their love for music is unparalleled as they capture the imagination of their audience. Combining their various musical roots makes for the perfect “gumbo” blend, satisfying all ages and musical persuasions. They will wow you with their outstanding musicianship and energetic performance, and will leave you with that indescribable magical feeling that can only be found at the Fair! Strolling

adminPhat Katz Brass Band

The Gothard Sisters

newThe Gothard Sisters are a dynamic all-female Irish music and dance group from the Pacific Northwest.  Recently returning from a national US tour, they perform and record new arrangements of traditional Irish songs and tunes, as well as their own original compositions, as heard on their most recent original release, Compass, and their award-winning Celtic album, Story Girl. Their music and performance is loved by fans of all ages.  With fiddle tunes written by the sisters, sibling harmony, Irish step dancing, folk roots and the nerve to take risks with style, a Gothard Sisters’ live show is joyful and exuberant, full of surprises, and leaves audiences refreshed and inspired!gothardsisters.weebly.com

All-American Stage (October 8-12)

adminThe Gothard Sisters

The Infinity Show Band

newWelcome to the world of the Infinity Show Band where you get a glimpse of this powerful ensemble that will dazzle you with their unique entertainment extravaganza!   This exciting and dynamic group will pack the stands as they entertain with total fun and audience participation creating memories for a lifetime. Playing Motown, R&B, Disco, Beach, and a little Rock & Roll, the Infinity Show Band will thrill you with their dynamic showmanship, hip choreography, great musicianship, costume changes and superb vocal harmony!  infinityshowband.com

Jeff Smith Chevrolet/WDEN Stage (October 3-6)

adminThe Infinity Show Band

Sol Junky

newWell known for their energetic live performances, Sol Junky has performed with hundreds of artists – everyone from Charlie Daniels, to Big Boi of Outkast. Their industrial home grown sound and tight playing has an amazing ability to connect with all audiences of all ages. Sol Junky is a little country, a little bluegrass, a little rock-n-roll… and A LOT OF FUN! www.soljunky.com
Jeff Smith Chevrolet/WDEN Stage (October 3-6)

adminSol Junky

Belles and Whistles

Presented by:CBT_BnkofMiddleGA

newThe complexity of wisdom and the passion for continuing to grow through fresh experiences shine through the highly personal vocal and instrumental artistry of country duo Belles and Whistles. This mother/daughter duo features Jaymie Jones on acoustic guitar and singing harmony, while Kelli leads with her charming yet mature vocals. Through textured harmonies, Belles and Whistles spins lush tales of the girls and women next door, paying homage to musical storytelling foremothers such as Dolly Parton and Carol King, with topical relevance in lyric and style of today’s country music.  bellesandwhistlesmusic.com

CB&T Stage (October 9-12)


adminBelles and Whistles

Tammy Barton

Presented by: verizon-cellular-sales-2011
Nationally renowned Hypnotist Tammy Barton has entertained thousands of Fairgoers young and old alike. During her performance, Tammy will dazzle and amaze you. Willing volunteers travel through a journey of the mind with her expert guidance. Tammy has been joined on stage by celebrities such as Toby Keith, Britney Spears, Madonna, and many more. She will captivate her audience’s attention from beginning to end. This show will be remembered by all for years to come!   http://allforhypnosis.com/

All-American Stage

adminTammy Barton

The Royal Hanneford Circus

Presented by: jeff-smith
Although the Royal Hanneford Circus has appeared at the Georgia National Fair for a number of years, each year is different with new and exciting acts! The circus is free to any Fairgoer. When the ringmaster calls the show, the big top is always full. Acts have ranged from high-wire to clowns and from wild animal performances to acrobats. Like the ringmaster says, “Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, get ready for the thrill of your life with the Royal Hanneford Circus!”  http://hannefordcircus.com/


Near South Gate

adminThe Royal Hanneford Circus

Mike Fuller … The Magician!

Presented by: midsouth-new
As the star of the TV show “The Magic Club,” Mike Fuller is a superb magician. His interest began at an early age and continues even stronger today. Mike Fuller captivates his audiences with unbelievable magic. You can see it, but you probably won’t believe it!   http://mikefullerthemagician.com

North Side of Reaves Arena

adminMike Fuller … The Magician!

Leon Jacobs

Presented by: CBT_BnkofMiddleGA
Leon Jacobs is a wonder on the keyboard!  He combines his musical skills with a great vocal ability to provide a remarkable and entertaining presentation! His act is supplemented with a computer assisted arrangement that makes his one-man show sound like an entire band! www.leonjacobsjr.com

CB&T  Stage October 3-12

adminLeon Jacobs

Rumba Latina

This year’s Rumba Latina can be described by three simple, but powerful words “Suenos”, “Musica” y “Sabor” (Dreams, Music and Cultural Flavor). Every single performer for this year’s show is capable of bringing all these elements to our audience and captivate them with an explosive sense of creativity and culture. Hosted by DJ Kike, the best Latino Disc Jockey, this is an event that the entire family will love to experience!

Georgia Stage October 12,  5:00 pm

adminRumba Latina

Matt’s Family Jam

MattFamilyJamMatt and Lisa Rolf’s family have put together a show chock full of incredible music, hilarious comedy, and unique audience participation. It will not only entertain, but will inspire young and old alike! From rock ‘n roll, to jazz, to gospel, to country, to top 40, each specially crafted tune will appeal to both little and big ears! This fresh, hip, kid-friendly music show is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! www.mattsfamilyjam.com


adminMatt’s Family Jam

Eudora Farms Petting Zoo

Exciting, entertaining, and educational for the entire family, this world-class exotic petting zoo is home to more than 55 animals from Africa, South America, Australia, and Asia. Eudora Farms also performs educational animal shows which are informative and entertaining for a truly face-to-face experience. www.eudorafarms.com

*Animal feed available for a nominal fee

adminEudora Farms Petting Zoo

Sea Lion Splash!

Presented by: jeff-smith-ford-logo1

You’ll laugh, and stare in amazement as these unique creatures balance balls, catch rings, and perform gymnastic tricks! This is the only traveling, self-contained sea lion show in the country! When the sea lions aren’t performing their hilarious and educational show, they will be on display so everyone can view them as they swim and play in their natural habitat.   www.squalus.net

*Custom photos available for a nominal fee

South of Reaves Arena

adminSea Lion Splash!

Nightly Fireworks

EVERY night is FIREWORKS night at the Georgia National Fair!

Finish off your day at the Fair with a bang! Fireworks have always been a tradition at the Georgia National Fair and for the 25th Fair we’re not holding anything back! This year’s exciting show will send adrenaline surging through your body and leave your mouth open with wonder!


adminNightly Fireworks

Robinson’s Racing Pigs

Presented by: supersod
pigA bell sounds. The runners are off. Each athlete vies for the lead. The crowd roots for their favorite. However, this is not your average race or your average runners. The runners are pigs … Robinson’s Racing Pigs! Each one hopes to get the coveted prize, an Oreo cookie. The animal kingdom sport is a popular one among Fairgoers worldwide. Robinson’s world-famous pigs have performed their 14 to 18 mph sport on NBC’s Tonight Show, ABC’s Wide World of Sports, and on TV stations in Europe, Japan, and Australia. www.robinsonsracingpigs.net

South of Reaves Arena

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adminRobinson’s Racing Pigs

Playin’ Possum

Presented By:MMC

Clap your hands, tap your toes, and sing along to the traditional bluegrass and county gospel music of Bill and Sue Davis. These Middle Georgia pickers entertain you with old familiar favorites on the banjo, guitar, and mandolin while giving Fairgoers a good, old-fashioned feeling.



adminPlayin’ Possum

Tadpole The Clown

Tadpole is one of the most colorful clowns you will ever see. He is also one of the friendliest. He roams the Fairgrounds bringing good humor and good cheer to everyone. Tadpole uses a number of vehicles and props to enlighten and entertain his guests. Tadpole is the type of clown you can’t help but love.


adminTadpole The Clown

SwashChucklers! Comedy Pirate Show

newGo sailing on a comedy treasure cruise with the blundering buccaneers of SwashChucklers! Comedy Pirate Show. These silly seadogs find the map to the long lost treasure of Black Jack Blownaparte. But the dread pirate catches wind of their search and shows up to claim the priceless plunder for himself! The slapstick sailors of SwashChucklers! deliver a laugh-a-minute broadside of funny one-liners, silly sight gags and crack-up comedy. It’s a family-friendly loony lampoon of buccaneer buffoonery for laughing audiences of all ages. www.wtpshows.com


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adminSwashChucklers! Comedy Pirate Show

Purgatory Iron Works

Whether it’s history you love or just white hot steel, Purgatory Iron Works will astound you! Trenton Tye, a professional blacksmith and educator, will entertain and amaze you with this truly awe-inspiring craft. See bars of steel hammered and transformed into useful items right in front of your eyes! Trenton will not only show you the traditional methods of his craft, but also will teach you about the work that spans back over 2000 years. If you are looking for serious hands-on history or just an amazing show, come see the blacksmith! www.purgatoryironworks.com

Near East Gate

adminPurgatory Iron Works

Wool Riders Only Presents … Mutton Bustin’

Entertainment - Mutton BustinThis is the toughest sport on wool! This event brings all of the excitement of rodeo competition to the Fair this year! You’ll hear the enthusiastic cheers as boys and girls ages three to six, weighing less than 60 pounds try to ride a sheep for a full six seconds! But if you want to ride, you’d better get there early, because it fills up fast! woolwarriors.com

*$10 registration fee for participants. For additional information, please review rules.

Mutton Bustin’ Explained – Rules and Disclaimers

 Near East Gate


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adminWool Riders Only Presents … Mutton Bustin’

The Tree of Life

The forest comes to the people! The walking, talking Tree of Life will be making his third appearance at this year’s Georgia National Fair. Not only will he be providing portable shade and great photo opportunities, but he will also be sharing stories of the woods, as ONLY a tree can tell them!


adminThe Tree of Life

Mango & Dango

Mango and Dango love sharing their passion and enthusiasm of life’s endless possibilities with audiences by finding the comedic subtleties in everyday situations. They will wow you with breathtaking technical skills and amazing acrobatics. Prepare to be blown away as they bring together laughter and danger for a pas-de-deux of chance and circumstance, and enjoy the ride as they whisk you away on the adventure of a lifetime as they sail across the Globe in their “Magical Flying Umbrella Ship.” www.mangoanddango.com


adminMango & Dango

Kari & Billy

Meet the newest Nashville duo exploding onto the country music scene, Kari & Billy! Fiddle player, singer and entertainer,  Kari Nelson, together with singer, songwriter, guitar and harmonica player, Billy Arnold accompanied by some of Nashville’s hottest pickers present a high energy, foot stomping, fiddle smokin’ country music show that audiences of all ages won’t want to miss! Their musical selections include current, classic, and original country music songs as well as some classic rock and oldies! With pure honest vocals that will melt your heart, sizzling’ fiddle and harmonica licks combined with wholesome, positive lyrics, Kari & Billy provide a truly unique and entertaining experience the whole family can enjoy! www.kariandbilly.com

Jeff Smith Chevrolet/WDEN Stage (October 9-12)

adminKari & Billy

Wild About Monkeys

Are you ready for some serious monkey business? Combining the rare skills of excellent trainers and the incredible instincts of the wild as well as domestic animals with which they have become friends, “Wild About Monkeys” will delight and amaze the entire family! The only traveling animal exhibition that features trained baboons, this show is not only educational, but will leave you both amazed and laughing! *Custom photos available for a nominal fee.

Near South Gate

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adminWild About Monkeys